IXI NEWS + EVENTS : 2005-2008 :

Bazterrak plays at Le Larraskito Club Bilbao [December 27h, 2008]

ixiQuarks Workshop [December 15th-19th, 2008]
We are hosting a workshop on audio synthesis and algorithmic composition using the ixiQuarks at the LABoral Art Centre in Gijon, Spain. We will explore the basics of sound synthesis and algorithmic composition through ixiQuarks, an environment built on top of SuperCollider. The workshop will therefore naturally include an introduction to SuperCollider and its beautiful programming language for music or audio in general. To register, follow this link.

Taller de introducción a síntesis de audio y composición algorítmica usando ixiQuarks en el Centro de arte LABoral en Gijon. Exploraremos conceptos básicos de sintesis de sonido y composición algorítmica mediante la práctica con ixiQuarks, un programa construido en SuperCollider. El taller incluirá una introducción a Supercollider y su hermoso lenguage de programación para audio y música en general. Regístrate en este link.

"Executables " Exhibiton in Sevilla [December 11-17th, 2008]
"Intervened nature. reflections on nature, The environment and new technologies ". Curated by Nilo Casares, works by arcangel constantini + enrike hurtado + joan leandre + brian mackern + santiago ortiz + luigi pagliarini. Enrike presents "Loops", a software system that produces an endless sound output based on several layers of micro loops that change slowly.
Where : Espacio Inciarte . c/ Santa Lucia, 10. Sevilla

PD workshop in Covilha Portugal [December 1st-5th, 2008]
Introduction to PureData and Arduino at the Universidade de Beira Interior. We will introduce to students from Media and Communication to PureData using the EHU abstractions by ixi.

Night of the Owls [November 15th, 2008]
SSBD v02 - Iceland will be performed in Liverpool at the Castlefield Gallery for the Night of the Owl gig. This is part of recent collaborations with the Owls of which we will present some results soon: physical interface support in ixiQuarks using the muio sensor interfaces.

ixiQuarks Survey [October 5th, 2008]
We have now launched an online survey on our ixiQuarks software. The aim is to get a theoretical understanding of usability and software design issues in the software. Users that fill in the survey will get a Special Edition Pre-Release of ixiQuarks v.6. (a version that will not be officially released until next year). Please help us to understand our software and its users by filling in this survey. It takes around 10 minutes.

Sirkus gig [October 18th, 2008]
Once upon a time there was a bar in Reykjavik called Sirkus... This autumn the Kling and Bang gallery are flying the whole bar to Regents Park in London (no joking) to set it up there as the English beer is considerably better than the Icelandic beer. Mr. Klingenberg invited us to play, so we hooked up with our friends in the Owl Project and will be improvising with them at 3.30 pm in the bar.

New text [October 5th, 2008]
The excellent online magazine of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, called eContact, invited us to write a paper on the survey we did in 2007. We wrote an article called The Phenomenology of Musical Instruments: A Survey

Serpentines gig [June 21st, 2008]
ixi will be performing as part of the Owl Project on the Serpentine Stage in Kensington Gardens, London. This is part of the Exhibition Road Music Day and other performances that day include Four Tet, Kieran Hebden, Florence and the Machine, Eat Your Own Ears, etc. etc.

Integra 2008 Conference [June 5-7, 2008]
A presentation of ixiQuarks and the ideas behind it in the Integra 2008 Conference in Birmingham, UK. The theme of this conference is the relationship of technology to musical ideas, something that we are deeply concerned with in our experiments with ixi software.

Madrid gig [May 29th, 2008]
We are playing as ixi at the "El Perro de la Parte Atras del Coche" bar in the Malasanja neighborhood of Madrid. c/Puebla, 13. Metro: Tribunal. The concert starts at 9pm (which is more realistically at 11pm, considering this is Madrid).

Pure Data Workshop in Madrid [May 26th-30th, 2008]
At the Fine Arts College, organised by the students (Artistas Universitarios Asociados). Introduction to new technologies for audio-visual digital work. We will explore the possibilities to create real time sound, video and control with sensors though the use of Pure Data.

Taller sobre Tecnologías para el Arte al que asistirán los creadores de IXI Software. El objetivo es ofrecer una visión general de las nuevas opciones creadas por los nuevos medios digitales para generar audio y video a tiempo real, controlar periféricos (ej. sensores de movimiento) para una instalación, etc. mediante el uso de software como el Pure Data.
More info here: www.aua2007.blogspot.com

Award for ixiQuarks! [April 2nd, 2008]
The French Association for Music Informatics (AFIM) has given us the 1st price for ixiQuarks in their Lomus 2008 International Music Software Contest. We are of course extremely honoured and thank them very much!

ixiQuarks Workshop [April 28-30th, 2008]
The arts centre Arteleku in San Sebastian will hoast a workshop in ixiQuarks. The workshop will involve a crash introduction to SuperCollider as well as that is the air that the ixiQuarks breathe.

TechnArte Conference [April 23-25th, 2008]
We will be participating in the Technarte Conference: An International Conference on Art and Technology in Bilbao, Basque Country.

ixiQuarks version 5 [April 1st, 2008]
A summer release of ixiQuarks! Version 5 is out! ixiQuarks can be downloaded from our software section. If you are already an ixiQuarks user, please help us to understand the nature of the software and its usability issues by filling out this survey.

Spirit of Gravity [March 25th, 2008]
The improv band InSand will perform at the Spirit of Gravity. Location: The Three & Ten Pub - 10 Steins St, BN2 1TE. Brighton. Starting at 8pm.

Helsinki Workshop [March 10-14th, 2008]
A workshop at the UIAH MediaLab in Helsinki in collaboration with Sibelius Academy. Further info here.

Dark Music Days [Myrkir Musikdagar] [Feb 8th, 2008]
From Manila in the Philippees to the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, the generative music project SameSameButDifferent travels and will be performed at the Contemporary Music Festival called "Dark Music Days". The performance will be in Salurinn in Kopavogi and will commence at 8pm.

Digital Artists Handbook [Feb 6th, 2008]
We just wrote an article on free and open source sound software for The Digital Artists Handbook. There are lots of interesting texts on this website. Enjoy!

Concert at Audiolab, Arteleku [Jan25th, 2008]
Enrike (Bazterrak) plays in the presentation of Soinumapa developed for Audiolab at Arteleku
Video from Enrike's performance here

New releases!!! [November 26th, 2007]
We have released new versions of ixiQuarks (version 4 now) and Slicer. All to be downloaded from our software section. If you are already an ixiQuarks user, please help us to understand the nature of the software and its usability issues by filling out this survey.

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari [September 29th, 2007]
Soundtrack performance for the classic expressionist movie The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. The show will be in The Duke of York Cinema, Brighton, UK. It starts at 11.15 pm and there is a bar in the cinema.

SC Symposium [September 17-21st, 2007]
We will be presenting our SuperCollider related work at the SC Symposium in Haag, Holland.

SSBD at ICMC [August 27th, 2007]
There will be a performance of SameSameButDifferent v02 - Iceland at Huset in Copenhagen on the first day (Monday) of the ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) conference. Starting at 22 pm.

ICMC 2007 [August 27-30st, 2007]
We will be presenting our ixiQuarks paper at the ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) in Copenhagen. Check out the program for date and time.

ixiQuarks release 3 [July 26th, 2007]
We have released version 3 of ixiQuarks, the live-improvisation software environment. This release has a few bug fixes and allows for saving presets (instrument and effect settings). As the ixiQuarks are part of our research we would really like to ask you, the users of the software, a few questions. So please help us in our research and register your email here.

Loss LiveCode Festival [July 20th, 2007]
A presentation of ixiQuarks at the LiveCode Festival in the very interesting Access Space in Sheffield. The quarks will be taken for a ride in the performance on Saturday night, probably as a live-codeable system where there are no prepared samples, structures or settings.

ixiQuarks release 2 [July 6th, 2007]
We have released version 2 of ixiQuarks, the live-improvisation software environment. There are 2 new instruments in this package (LiveBuffer and Mushrooms). The ixiQuarks are part of our research we would really like to ask you, the users of the software, a few questions. So please help us in our research and register your email here.

Concert [July 13th, 2007]
We will be playing during the Biorama day at the DRU in Huddersfield, UK. This runs in collaboration with another interesting event, We Love Technology

ixiQuarks release [June 21st, 2007]
We have released the live-improvisation software environment that we've been working on on-and-off for a while. It's called ixiQuarks and further information can be found here. We hope you enjoy it!

LOSS Livecode Festival [July 20-22nd, 2007]
A talk + performance? at the LOSS Livecode Festival to be held at the Access Space in Sheffield.

ixi Workshop [July 9-11th, 2007]
We are giving one of our instrument building and generative music workshop as part of the Digital Research Unit Workshops in the Bates Mill and the Media Centre in Huddersfield, UK. Contact Lisa Roberts if you want to participate (it's free): lisa @ blinkmedia dot org. Here is some blurb about the workshop: "Explore the creation of musical instruments on the computer but also their relationships to acoustic instruments during this three-day workshop. We explore how graphical visualisation can help to control musical patterns, as well as physical controllers and sensors. Tools : PureData, Supercollider, Processing, OSC."

Soundwaves Festival [June 19th, 2007]
The maddest improv around In Sand will be performing at the Soundwaves Festival in Brighton. The ixiQuarks will be taken on their inauguration trip with Richard, Sotoko, Gus and Danny.

Survey results [June 6th, 2007]
We have analysed the results from the survey we conducted here on this page. There were over 240 responces of which we analysed 210. We are still working on it and would like to hear from you so please check it out here. We published a paper out of the results at the NIME conference.

Computational Creativity [June 17-19th, 2007]
A presentation of the ixiQuarks at the 4th International Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity at the Goldsmiths University, London. The workshop looks very interesting with loads of cool projects.

NIME 2007 [June 6th-10th, 2007]
The results of the survey we conducted last autumn are to be presented at the NIME 2007 conference. The paper will be available in our backyard soon.

Bohman Brothers gig [May 10th, 2007]
An improvisation gig with the legendary Gus Garside, amazing Dan Powell and others at the Battersea Arts Centre , London. Also playing are Veryan Weston/Hannah Marshall/Ingrid Laubrock and Alan Wilkinson & John Coxon. Starts at 8.45pm.

SSBD in Reykjavik [May 4th, 2007]
SameSameButDifferent v.02 - Iceland, the generative music piece that recreates Icelandic soundscapes, will be performed in the traditional record shop 12 Tonar in Reykjavik centrum. Drop by and listen to what it will generate this time, and perhaps have a cup of the fantastic coffee the guys there make. And watch out for what might appear from the basement.

Workshop at Medialab Helsinki [April 23rd-27th, 2007]
One week ixi workshop at UIAH, Medialab in Helsinki.

MakeArt Festival [April 3rd-8th, 2007]
We are participating in the MakeArt Festival in Poitiers, France, where we will present some of our latest work.

Methods Network Seminar [March 19th, 2007]
We are presenting ways of networked musical performances at the "The Potential of High Speed Networks as a New Space for Cultural Research, Innovation and Production" seminar in Kings College, London.

Conference [March 7th, 2007]
ixi presented at the Instituto de imagen y sonido Erandio, Bilbao.

On the Edge [February 28th, 2007]
The ixi Quarks (new software to be released soon) will be tested in live improv session with Gus Garside (Double Bass) in the Open House Pub in Brighton. (just by London Road station). This is part of the Safehouse series concerts.

Gig in Akureyri City [February 21st, 2007]
The generative music project SameSameButDifferent will be performed in Deiglan in Akureyri, Iceland. Runar Magnusson is running the algorithm and playing himself.

Survey on Musical Instruments [Autumn 2006]
As part of our research we have made a survey on people's relationship with their instruments (both acoustic and digital). We would love to hear about your experience, about your musical practise and the tools you use. Please help us to get an understanding of these things and fill out the survey here.

Music made with ixi
Recently quite a few people have been sending us links to music made using ixi software in different ways (to manipulate field recordings, improvisation studio use, etc...)

We thought it would be nice to have on our website a collection of links to this music. So if you have got some music on-line on your server or some net label, that was made using ixi at some point in the production process, we would love to receive the the link and put it on our website.

The intention is just to put a collection of links in no particular order and in no way "curated" or judged aesthetically. That's for other people to do.

Send it to our info@ixi mail and please include the following information:
Artist name, contact email (not to appear online), URL, date, short description (~20 words)

Looking forward to hear some music...

Conference at Pompeu Fabra Barcelona [10 November]
We will be introducing ixi to students from Digital Arts master. 18 to 20 pm

SoundAsArt: Blurring the Boundaries [24-26 November]
An installation morphed out of the SameSameButDifferent v.02 - Iceland project will be exhibited at the SoundAsArt festival/conference in Aberdeen, Scotland.

ICMC 2006 [6-11 November]
ixi software will be presented at this year's ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) in New Orleans. The conference will be interesting, and we are specially looking forward to hear Max Matthews' keynote.

NordiCHI 2006 [14-18 October]
The biannual nordic conference on Human Computer Interaction will be held in Oslo this year. We have a paper on affordances and constraints in digital music instruments and will be presenting it there. Check their website here: NordiCHI 2006

Piksel festival - Bergen[12-15 October]
We will be presenting ixi and mirra graphics library in the Piksel festival/conference in Bergen, Norway. Piksel is a festival and community for artists and developers working with Free Libre and Open Source Software for realtime processing of video

Ertz Festival [14-17 September]
The fantastic Ertz festival in Bera de Bidasoa, Basque Country, will be held for the 7th time this year. We will play two of our projects, Lore by Enrike Hurtado Mendieta and SameSameButDifferent by Thor Magnusson and Runar Magnusson. Both of the projects are generative music compositions that take different forms in real-time situations.

LJUD/DIEM [13 September]
SameSameButDifferent v.02 - Iceland will be performed at a concert at Musikcafeen in Aarhus, Denmark. The concert is organised by Ljud/DIEM (Danish Institute of Electronic Music) and will feature Runar Magnusson, The Hafler Trio and Daniel Kosenko.

(re)Actor Conference [11 September]
We are presenting a paper on software as real-time musical instruments at the (re)Actor Conference in the Queen Mary University, London.

SuperCollider Symposium [24-30 July]
The ixi project will be presented at the SuperCollider Symposium in Birmingham University. For people interested in SuperCollider, this is a very exciting conference where developers and users of this powerful audio programming language meet up and talk about their work. There are concerts and other planned events.

EHU workshop [26-30 June]
We will be participating in the summer university workshop organised by the FineArts college at Bilbao. We will introduce participants to programming with Processing and PureData during Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week will be teached by Alex Posada from Hangar and Alain Bauman from Konic Theatre

Folly workshop [19-21 June]
We are giving one of our workshops at Folly in Lancaster. The workshop will be on creative software and extending instruements, aimed at musicians, designers and programmers that want to create musical instruments, generative music and interactive installations where digital sound and graphics are the main building materials. If you are interested in participating, contact kit.abramson'at'folly.co.uk for further details.

NIME 06 [4-8 June]
We will be demoing ixi software at NIME conference (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) held at IRCAM, Paris in the first week of June. We also have a paper in the paper sessions on the semiotics of screen-based interfaces. (Published in the proceedings, but will be found in our backyard soon). If you are in town, check out the conference and remember that there are interesting concerts related to the conference, both at IRCAM and around Paris.

Generative music installation [25th of May to 9th of July]
At the Rekalde gallery in Bilbao, private view will be on the 25th of May, Exhibited "Lore, Transformation" generative music installation. There will be as well some sound performances within the context of the installation :
Edorta Izarzugaza on the 25th
Inazio Escudero on the 26th
and Tzesne + Bazterrak on the 27th.

Finland-Alaska improv [22nd of March]
The resulting projects of the ixi workshop at UIAH and Sibelius Academy will be put into use with musicians from the Sibelius Academy and musicians in Alaska. This will happen at the National Computing Center (otaniemi - university of technology) where we improvise in real-time with people at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. The concert starts at 10 am (yes, early wakeup!) as that's late in the evening in Alaska.

Sibelius gig [14th of March]
Following a workshop at the UIAH MediaLab in Helsinki, we are playing with Shinji Kanki's Improv Masters orchestra at the Sibelius Academy's Chamber Music Hall at 7pm, Tuesday the 14th of March.

Insand On The Edge [22nd of February]
Insand will be playing at the exciting first night of On The Edge - a continuing series of Improv-oriented performances happening in the city of Brighton. The venue for this show and the whole series will be the Open House on Springfield Road (next to London Road Train station). Should start around 8 pm.

Insand at Free Radicals [1st of February]
Insand will be playing at the Free Radicals monthly Improv club at the London Red Rose Club, Seven Sisters Road.

ixi in the news : XXI mendeko luthierrak [26th of January]
ixi eta kintools-ari buruzko artikuloa Berria egunkarian. XXI mendeko luthierrak.

Article about ixi [26th of January]
Nice article about non conventional music software that talks about ixi apps. It can be read here.

Insand at Klinker Club [20th of January]
A concert in Hackney, London at the Klinker club . Starts around 8 pm. Should be nice improv evening, and it's going to be exciting playing with Gus, Richard, Sotuko and Danny. Also appearing is Ya Basta.

Make Art Festival [24-29th of January]
Starting a new year with the exciting Make Art festival in Poitiers, France. "Une semaine dédiée aux mondes du 'libre' et des arts numériques". Not bad that! Check out the website, the program is amazing. We're playing a concert (Extracts from the Pidgin Project) and giving a presentation about the ixi software and our other activities.

Intelligent Tools in Music [15th of November]
A text appeared recently on Artificial. The text goes a bit into the ideas computational creativity and where the power of the computer can be utilised the best way.

Digital rattles [8th of November - 15th of December]
"Lore", a generative sound composition by enrike from ixi, is exhibited at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Live Herring [17-20th of November]
Some work exhibited at the Live Herring festival in Jyväskylä, Finland. Live Herring "is a new Nordic net art exhibition event, established in 2005 with a primary aim to present exhibit Nordic net art both on the net and in the exhibition space."

Innsbruck [8-11th of November]
Concert, presentation and installation work at Buchsenhausen. We will be performing work from our basque-icelandic pidgin project and presenting our software as part of the "private investigations" series of Buchsenhausen, which is about "research, knowledge acquiring and processing in contemporary art practices".

SuperUsers Gig [3rd of November]
Lung will play at the Pool in Shoreditch, London, at the SuperUsers club organised by YeeKing and others. Lung is a collaboration between Matt Grey, Bill Fairhall and Thor Magnusson from ixi.

Blip Workshop [26-28th of October]
An ixi workshop is being held as part of the Big Blip festival in Brighton, UK. The festival is very interesting, with exhibitions, workshops and concerts. A more detailed program of the concerts can be found here.

Dorkbot Eindhoven [21st of September]
We're giving a small talk/presentation at the Eindhoven Dorkbots in Holland. Further info to be found on their website: Dorkbot Eindhoven.

ixi exhibited in Bucharest [22 July - 20 September]
ixi software exhibited at MNAC Bucharest www.mnac.ro. Entrance from Calea 13 Septembrie. Opening Friday 22 July 7 pm, second floor.

STEIM Residency [September,2005]
After a nice visit to STEIM in April, we will be spending some time at STEIM where we intend to do workshops, work further on Mirra, support external controllers in our software and play some music!

ICMC 2005 [September 5-9, 2005]
We are presenting some of the ixi stuff at the ICMC Conference (International Computer Music Conference) in Barcelona, which this year has the theme "Free Sound". We should also have a stand there somewhere, so please visit us for a chat whilst there.

NIME 2005 [May 26-28, 2005]
Some of our software will be presented at the NIME Conference (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) in Vancouver, Canada. We are also participating in workshops and improv sessions during this exciting conference.

Cybersonica 2005 [April 28, 2005]
We are giving two presentations at Cybersonica in London this year, one with soundtoys and another together with the Digital Research Unit of Huddersfield. The festival takes place in the Dana Centre in the Science Museum.

STEIM lecture series [April 26, 2005]
We will be giving a presentation on ixi software at the STEIM Lecture Series, at 20:30 o'clock at Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134 in Amsterdam. Further info about STEIM can be found here.

Performance [April 22, 2005]
Ixi performing at the Medialounge in Huddersfield. Related stuff about the Media centre to be found on the Digital Research Unit's website.

Extended Instruments Workshop [April 19-22, 2005]
"Extended Instruments" is a workshop for people working with acoustic or electric instruments who want to explore the power of the computer as an extension of their instrument. This time the workshop will be in the Trades Club in the beautiful Hebden Bridge village in West Yorkshire, To register or get further information, call Linda Whitley on phone +44 (0)1484471091 or mail her at l.whitely (at) hud.ac.uk

Sonic Arts Lecture [April 13, 2005]
ixi talk and presentation in the Sonic Arts department of the Centre of Electronic Arts in the University of Middlesex, London. At 6 pm in the lecture hall of Sonic Arts.

Middlesex artist in residence [April, 2005]
Enrike from ixi will be artist in residence for couple of weeks at the Lansdown Centre of Electronic Arts in the University of Middlesex, London.

Essex Dance Workshop [April 8-10, 2005]
A workshop in Pure Data and interactive art programming at the DanceTech institution in Essex. Further information about registration and other things on the DanceTech website

Get Real! seminar [April 14-15, 2005]
Participation in the Get Real! seminar in Roskilde, Denmark.

rand radio[March, 2005]
One more work by ixi will be featured at rand()% radio: r4nd.org, this time is Lore (Transformation I) by Enrike. This piece is based on Slicer by ixi software.

Pixelache [12th of March, 2005]
The Dot Org Boom is happening in Helsinki in March! Pixelache is an interesting media festival taking place in Helsinki and they have a warm-up weekend party in the island of Suomelinna just outside the city. We'll do a bit of this: Loppuillasta on luvassa elektronista (improvisoitua) musiikkia, mukana Thor + Enrike + Koray ja muita paikallisia muusikoita.... This will be followed with a week workshop in UIAH exploring the creation of musical instruments in open source programming languages.

Python and Pure Data in the squat [March, 2005]
As part of the series of free workshops 'Digital self-defense' organised by Metabolik hacklab at Udondo squat in Bilbao, we will be giving an introduction to Python programming language and another one to Pure Data.

ixi puffin [17th of February, 2005]
We recently realised that we were lacking a software animal. How could we have neglected this fact for such a long time? Well, we found our animal on the shores of the northern Icelandic coast, the puffin. Now, take a vote and help us to get a feeling for this little bugger.

Transmediale 0511th of February, 2005]
Performing Vulkan on komponent.dk's fantastic 18 channel ambiunix system, together with Jacob Kirkegaard at Club Transmediale in Berlin