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EHU abstractions

ehu is a set of utilities to manipulate video/audio in real time with PureData. It encapsulates the complexity of controlling PD to allow quick prototyping. Ehu is developed for students to be able to work with PD and video/audio with very basic knowledge of PD or/and Gem. EHU uses some PD externals included in the extended version of PD
The EHU library is supported by the Fine Arts college at the UPV/EHU Public University of the Basque Country (Euskal Herriko Universitatea, hence the name EHU). It has been developed in collaboration with Josu Rekalde from the Art and Technology Department
Check the readme.txt file provided for more instructions.
License : GPL

> Download EHU version 0.8 - April 2016


Autoloop is a PD patch that has been developed after several applications doing similar stuff (Shell, Autocrap by Autoloop samples sound comming from the sound input of the computer or/and from a sound file. It has several buffers or layers being played concurrently. It has as well different set of timers that can be adjusted to sample different lenghts into the layers. So plug your instrument or mic into your machine or select a sound to stream, set some values in the timers, click start and have fun. For me it works very well with long sounds (40 min) that contain drones. It chops them creating different layers that loop evolving slowly. It is also fun to play an instrument into it. License : GPL

> Download Autoloop version 0.4 - November 2013

You need PD extended to run Autoloop. Check the read me file included for more details.