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Mirra Graphics Engine
A Python OpenGL based 2D graphics framework.
Mirra is a 2D openGL python framework. It defines a set of classes to render primitive shapes (Text, Pixel, Line, Circle, Rect, Bitmap, BitmaPolygon). Mirra focuses on interaction and implements an event listener and classes that receive mouse events. (in a way like macromedia director or flash do).
It runs using pygame(SDL) but it can also be used under wxPython.
Mirra is also thought to teach students (basically design and multimedia students) programming in python by playing around with graphics. Mirra includes the SimpleOSC library.
> Download Mirra

SimpleOSC : v0.2
Simple API for the Open Sound Control implementation for Python (by Daniel Holth, Clinton McChesney --> ).
The main aim of simpleOSC is to provide with a simple way to use OSC implementation to make life easier to those who don't have understanding of programming sockets. Thanks to Daniel Hotz and to Buchsenhausen, Innsbruck, Austria.
> Download SimpleOSC

The MIDIKeyboard is a SuperCollider GUI widget, pretty similar to the Keyboard (kslider) object in Max - basically a tool to play MIDI notes and perhaps map scales, visualise real keyboard, etc. The MIDIKeyboard does not handle any system-midi (SC has other ways of doing that), the only "midi" about it is that the keys are numbered according to the MIDI standard.
> Download MIDIKeyboard

joeGendy is a little example of how to communicate between SuperCollider and Max/MSP using OSC (Open Sound Control). It is an example where information is sent from Max to SuperCollider, but it is easy to change it for it to go the other direction.
> Download joeGendy

The XixiHID is a SuperCollider class that interfaces the HIDDeviceService of the language. This means that you can use this class to interface joysticks, gamepads, STEIM junXion boxes, and other controllers/sensors which support the HID standard. (Human Interface Device). Plug in your joystick and make some SuperCollider music!
> Download XixiHID

The ScrollNumberBox is a SuperCollider class that makes it possible to scroll values in a number box on a GUI. It doesn't work with FlowLayout at the moment but it works perfectly otherwise.
> Download ScrollNumberBox

In our workshops we go into how to communicate between networked computers and between different programming environments. The communication takes place using the Open Sound Control (OSC). Here you have some example patches in SuperCollider, Pure Data (PD), Max/MSP and a Processing program that sends and receives OSC from the sound programming environments.
> Download ixiOSC_Processing