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Mirra, Python OpenGL 2D graphics library

*** We are not actively working on this library any more, only some fixes might be released randomly ***

Mirra - Download source, docs and examples (mac, linux, windows)
- Download windows installer
version 0.3.5 ( June/08 )


Older versions can be downloaded here


If you want to contribute drop us a mail. Current plans are to port some modules to C as a extension to Python, we would need some help here from people with experience developing Python extensions in C.


Mirra is a 2D openGL python library. It defines a set of classes to render primitive shapes (Text, Pixel, Line, Circle, Rect, Bitmap, BitmaPolygon) and manages rendering and user input (mouse and keyboard). Mirra focuses on interaction and implements an event listener and classes that receive mouse events. (in a way like macromedia Director or Flash do). It runs under pygame(SDL) or WxPython.
Mirra is also thought to teach students (basically design and multimedia students) programming in python by playing around with graphics.

some screenshots : circles1, circles2, boxes, slicer / slicer demo video

License :
Mirra is distributed under GNU LGPL license.

How to use:
Check documentation here

System requirements:
Mirra works under any platform where Python runs (OS X, GNU/Linux, Windows, etc...).

You will need to have Python, PyOpenGL and Pygame(SDL) installed on your machine. 
you might also want to have :
py2exe on window
py2app on macintosh

Aknowledgements :
We want to thank for their help.

Some parts of the development of Mirra were been done with the support received from :
- The Digital Research Unit at the University of Huddersfield, UK.
- The Lansdown Center for Electronic Arts at Middlesex University who helped providing expertise and support for setting the ground of versions 0.2x of Mirra.
- Bizkaiko Diputazioa, Basque Country.
- Buchsenhausen Kunstlerhaus, Innsbruck, Austria.
Special thanks to Tom Betts, John Cox and Daniel Holtz for their support and help.