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Selected Publications


BOOK: Sonic Writing: Technologies of Material, Symbolic, and Signal Inscriptions
[Bloomsbury Academic buy book here with 35% discount code: "GLR MP6"]

Ergodynamics and a Semiotics of Instrumental Composition
[Tempo Journal]

Sound and Music in Networked Media
[The Routledge Companion to Sound Studies]

Echoes of other worlds: sound in virtual reality [REVIEW]
[International Journal of Performance Art and Digital Media read review here]

Ergomimesis: Towards a Language Describing Instrumental Transductions
[International Conference on Live Interfaces download paper here]

The Ensemble as Expanded Interface: Sympoetic Performance in the Brain Dead Ensemble
[ International Conference on Live Interfaces With Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris, Alice Eldridge and Chris Kiefer - download paper here]

Brain Dead Ensemble: An Acoustically Networked Feedback Assemblage of Four
[International Conference on Live Interfaces download paper here]

Performing with Patterns of Time
[Oxford Handbook of Algorithmic Music download chapter:here]

Musical Organics: A Heterarchical Approach to Digital Organology
[Journal of New Music Research download paper:here]

Contextualizing Musical Organics: An Ad-hoc Organological Classification Approach
[NIME 2017 conference download paper:PDF]

Interfacing Sound: Visual Representation of Sound in Musical Software Instruments
[Musical Instruments in the 21st Century download chapter:PDF]

The Acoustic, the Digital and the Body: A Survey on Musical Instruments
[A NIME Reader: Fifteen Years of New Interfaces for Musical Expression]

Writing With Shaky Hands
[International Journal of Performance and Digital Media download PDF]

Notating the Non-Notateable: Digital Notation of Txalaparta Practice
[Tenor 2016 Conference download PDF]

Code Scores in Live Coding Practice
[Tenor 2015 Conference download PDF]

Scoring with Code: Composing with Algorithmic Notation
[Organised Sound: An International Journal of Music and Technology download PDF]

Improvising with the Threnoscope
[New Interfaces For Musical Expression download PDF]

Herding Cats: Observing Live Coding in the Wild
[Computer Music Journal - Spring 2014 Special issue on Live Coding: download PDF]

From a Music Industry to Sound Industries
[Mono #2 - 2013 (Cochlear Poetics: Writings on Music and Sound Arts): download PDF]

On creativity and calculation: attempts at and rejections of formal definitions of creativity
[Computational Culture Journal (Review of the book: Computers and Creativity): download html article]

The Threnoscope: A Musical Work for Live Coding Performance
[Live 2013 (International Conference on Software Engineering): download PDF]

The Musical Score: The System and the Interpreter
[ISEA 2011 (International Symposium for Electronic Arts): download PDF]

Algorithms as Scores: Coding Live Music
[Leonardo Music Journal 2011 - download at the MIT Press Website or here

Confessions of a Live Coder
[International Computer Music Conference 2011 - download PDF]

When instruments become architecture: On liquifying frozen music
[The Sound of Shadows: Peter Vogel Exhibition 2011 - download PDF ]

ixi lang: a SuperCollider Parasite for Live Coding
[International Computer Music Conference 2011 - download PDF ]

Interface Investigations
[The SuperCollider Book (March 2011)]

Designing Constraints: Composing and Performing with Digital Musical Systems
[Computer Music Journal 2010 - download PDF ]

Sobre como emborrachar un ordenador
[Sonic Ideas Vol 2 (2). 2010 - download PDF]

ixi lang: a Constraint System for Live Coding
[ISEA 2010 (International Symposium For Electronic Arts) - download PDF]

An Epistemic Dimension Space for Musical Devices
[NIME 2010 - download PDF]

Of Epistemic Tools: Musical Instruments as Cognitive Extensions
[Organised Sound 2009 - download PDF]

Epistemic Tools: The Phenomenology of Digital Musical Instruments
[PhD Thesis 2009 - download PDF]

The Phenomenology of Musical Instruments: A Survey
[eContact 10.4 2008 - article here]

Working with Sound
[The Digital Artists Handbook 2007 - article here]

Expression and Time: The question of strata and time management in creative practices using technology
[FLOSS+ART Book - download PDF ]

Generative Schizotopia: SameSameButDifferent v02 - Iceland
[Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology, 2007 - download PDF ]

The ixiQuarks: Merging Code and GUI in One Creative Space
[ICMC 2007 - download PDF]

The Acoustic, the Digital and the Body: A Survey on Musical Instruments
[NIME 2007 - download PDF]

SameSameButDifferent v.02 - Iceland
[YLEM Journal, 2007 - download PDF ]

Affordances and Constraints in Screen-Based Musical Instruments
[NordiCHI 2006 - download PDF]

Screen-Based Musical Instruments as Semiotic Machines
[NIME 2006 - download PDF]

Intelligent Tools in Music
[in Artificial - article here]

ixi software: Open Controllers for Open Source Audio Software
[ICMC 2005 - download PDF]

ixi software: The Interface as Instrument
[NIME 2005 - download PDF]

Processor Art: Currents in the Process Oriented Works of Generative and Software Art
[Cand Mag. Thesis 2002 - download hi-res PDF or lo-res PDF]

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