ixiQuarks : The Quarks window



ixi quarks

The ixiQuarks tools are divided into the following categories: basic utilities, instruments, effects, spectral effects and filters. These tools all manipulate audio on audio channels and the idea is that the user routes audio from one tool to another, like connecting guitar effect-pedals together. There are 52 Audio Channels by default, but that number can be changed easily in the preference file. The sound channel can be stereo or mono defined by the radio buttons on the bottom of the quarks browser.

The quarks browser shows the respective categories with lines in between. By pressing the "open" button or hitting "Return" you open the tool.

Many of the instruments in ixiQuarks support Wacom tablet (for pressure) so we recommend trying it out with a tablet. We are working on support for other hardware interfaces for the instruments and at the moment you can control the sliders of the effects and filters with MIDI controllers.