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Slicer. version beta 0.2.5

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Slicer Source (unix, mac, windows)
Windows standalone
beta v0.2.5 (2020/08/08) Mac OSX standalone *OLD version* beta v0.1.5 (2007/11/26) Editor's Choice Award Winner



Slicer allows you to create rhythms and textures from any sound you import by moving the Slicer nodes. Slicer will chop your sound into slices and superpose them. The slices will be created and manipulated acording to the position of the control nodes (the ones represented by a square). The slicer nodes (in color) control volume (vertical) and pan(horizontal) of each slice, while the control nodes control pitch, lenght, shift and starting point for all the slices.

Slicer has been constructed using Mirra, a Python 2D OpenGL graphics library developed by ixi. It can be downloaded from Find more detailed info about Mirra on download/mirra/documentation.html

Slicer is free sofware with GPL license

Latest source code available at

Old version of Slicer can be found here