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version 7 (11/11/11)



ixiQuarks is a software environment designed for live improvisation that allows for user interaction on hardware, GUI and code level. The environment enables innumerable setups with flexible loading of tools and instruments. The ixiQuarks consist of different types of tools: basic utilities, instruments, effects, filters, spectral effects and generators.

ixiQuarks can be downloaded as a standalone binary or as classes for for SuperCollider. (ixiQuarks are written in the SuperCollider programming language). For non-programmers, we recommend ixiQuarks, but for SuperCollider users, we simply recommend installing the ixiQuarks from the github repository.


basic utilities: AudioIn, Recorder, Player, BufferPool, PoolManager, FreqScope, WaveScope, EQMeter, MixerNode, Amplifier, ChannelSplitter, TrigRecorder.
instruments: SoundScratcher, StratoSampler, Raindrops, Slicer, Toshiomorpher, Soundsculptor, Mushrooms, Predators, Gridder, BufferPlayer, GrainBox, PolyMachine, Quanoon, ScaleSynth
audio effects: Delay, Freeverb, AdCVerb, Distortion, ixiReverb, Chorus, Octave, Tremolo, Equalizer, CombVocoder, RandomPanner, MRRoque, MultiDelay, Cyberpunk, Moog
filters: Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass, Resonant Lowpass, Resonant Highpass, Resonant, Klanks
spectral: SpectralEQ, MagClip, MagSmear, MagShift, MagFreeze, RectComb, BinScramble, BinShift
generators: Noise, Oscillators

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ixiQuarks is a free sofware with a GPL license