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Connector. version beta 0.6

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Connector Mac Classic Download 2700 k
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beta v0.6 (14/04/03)



Connector is a tool that functions as an algorithmic catalyst.
It has two important sides: Sound and MIDI. The instrument can play sound only, midi only or both at the same time. You define a system of connectors that all have their individual properties. When the system has been set up, you can create an "actor" that will travel through the system and trigger sound and midi when it enters a new connector. NOTE: it is the connectors that have the important sound and midi information,not the actor. The actor has timing information, general sound volume and midichannel information. By selecting a connector (click on it and it becomes red) or an actor (click on the representation of the actor in the actor palette) these unique propertiesare displayed in the palette information.