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SCIMP is a SuperCollider Server client for Impromptu. The idea is to enable control of the fantastic SC audio server from the interesting and expressive programming environment Impromptu.
> Download SCIMP

The ParaSpace is a 2D GUI where one can create or delete in real-time parameter nodes in the space. The nodes can be created, selected, moved around, connected and deleted. One can select many nodes at a time. There is as little functionality as possible put into the ParaSpace, the idea is to leave the real functionality to the user. The helpfile contains some of examples demonstrating what is possible. [New: Cross-platform]
> Download ParaSpace

This GUI widget can be useful in various situations such as representing scales, step sequencers, etc. In some cases it might be better to use the class BoxGrid. The Grid is basically a graphical representation of 2 dimensional array of columns and rows. [New: Cross-platform]
> Download Grid

The BoxGrid is almost identical to Grid (the same code will work on both classes). However, the graphical representation is very different and it gives different connotations. It's good for creating sequencers, scale representations, microtonality, polyrhythms, and other things which might be good to represent in this 2D space. [New: Cross-platform]
> Download BoxGrid

The MIDIKeyboard is a SuperCollider GUI widget, pretty similar to the Keyboard (kslider) object in Max - basically a tool to play MIDI notes and perhaps map scales, visualise real keyboard, etc. The MIDIKeyboard does not handle any system-midi (SC has other ways of doing that), the only "midi" about it is that the keys are numbered according to the MIDI standard. [New: Cross-platform]
> Download MIDIKeyboard

joeGendy is a little example of how to communicate between SuperCollider and Max/MSP using OSC (Open Sound Control). It is an example where information is sent from Max to SuperCollider, but it is easy to change it for it to go the other direction.
> Download joeGendy

The XixiHID is a SuperCollider class that interfaces the HIDDeviceService of the language. This means that you can use this class to interface joysticks, gamepads, STEIM junXion boxes, and other controllers/sensors which support the HID standard. (Human Interface Device). Plug in your joystick and make some SuperCollider music!
> Download XixiHID

The ScrollNumberBox is a SuperCollider class that makes it possible to scroll values in a number box on a GUI. It doesn't work with FlowLayout at the moment but it works perfectly otherwise. [News: This class is depricated. Blackrain made a class called SNBox to be found as a Quark]
> Download ScrollNumberBox