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oscVideoServer 0.1
This is just simple app developed in C++ (using It allows to display videos, images and webcams in a window and control them via Open Sound Control. OSC messages can be sent from many programming languages (python, perl, java, ruby, PureData, Supercollider ... just choose one). It includes a PureData set of abstractions to control it. Detailed description here
> Download : Windows | Mac OSX | Linux binary | source code

SimpleOSC module 0.3.2
This module just provides the simplest API to pyOSC library by V2 which can be found here. You MUST have pyOSC installed for simpleOSC to run. SimpleOSC is designed to be used by students or newies who dont know much about OSC or programing but need to set a very basic OSC communication up. Advanced users should go for pyOSC module. We also provide some examples of pyOSC here
> SimpleOSC module 0.3.2
Github repo with the latest code here

In our workshops we go into how to communicate between networked computers and between different programming environments. The communication takes place using the Open Sound Control (OSC). Here you have some example patches in SuperCollider, Pure Data (PD), Max/MSP and a Processing program that sends and receives OSC from the sound programming environments.
> Download ixiOSC_Processing

This example shows how to use simpleOSC library from to send and receive OSC from/to blender with a very simple to use API by hidding the complex stuff.
> Download Blender OSC example