IXI NEWS + EVENTS : 2009-2012 :

Live Coding Panel [November 23rd 2012]
The Psychology of Programming Interest Group hold their annual international conference from the 21st to 23rd of November, this time in London Metropolitan University, UK. After Alan Blackwell's keynote a panel session of live coding is planned, with Alan, Alex McLean, Sam Aaron and Thor Magnusson. Further information here

Performance at BDF [September 30th 2012]
Thor Magnusson will perform at the Closing Event for the Brighton Digital Festival. The event is organised by the Lighthouse. Further info on the Lighthouse Website.

ixi lang workshop [September 7-8th 2012]
We will be running an ixi lang workshop at the Live Interfaces conference, held at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music (ICSRiM), Leeds University, UK.

Live Notation at Arnolfini [July 27th 2012]
Symposium, workshops and performances on live art and live coding at Arnolfini gallery in Bristol. This is part of the Live Notation research project.

Laboratory at Gaite Lyrique [June 19th 2012]
Discussion, workshop and performance of SuperCollider and ixi lang at the Gaite Lyrique centre for art and technology in Paris.

Presentation at IRCAM [June 20th 2012]
Presentation of recent research at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique), Paris.

Instrument design seminar [April 30th 2012]
Thor Magnusson presenting work in one of the IMR Research Seminars at the University of London's School of Advanced Study Institute of Musical Research.

Live Musical Performance with Computers [April 27th 2012]
Talks and a workshop on liveness at the EMERGE centre (The Experimental Media Research Group) at Bournemouth University. Thor Magnusson will explore the theme of live performance with computers.

SuperCollider Symposium [April 12th-19th 2012]
ixi lang workshop, paper presentation and a concert are some of the activities ixi will engage with during the SuperCollider Symposium. This is a full week of fantastic concerts, installations, presentations and workshops. Recommended!

Live Coding concert [April 5th 2012]
Live coding gig at the Anatomy Theatre at Kings College, London.

The Instrument in Musical Performance [March 17th 2012]
Thor Magnusson will present research on desing in digital musical instruments at the "Instrument in Musical Performance" day at the Institute of Musical Research which is part of University of London's School of Advanced Study.

SuperCollider Workshop [February 8th 2012]
SuperCollider workshop at dotBrighton in the Skiff hackerspace.

SuperCollider Workshop [September 30th 2011]
Introduction to Sound Synthesis and SuperCollider workshop in Barcelona. Further info on the workshop page. The workshop takes place in the Hangar Institute, organised by Lull Cec.

Opening Party at ISEA [September 14th 2011]
Thor Magnusson will perform with the ixi lang at the
Opening Party at ISEA this year. Further info here.

ISEA in Istanbul [September 15th 2011]
Thor Magnusson will run a workshop on live coding and ixi lang at the ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Arts) in Istanbul Turkey. Also planned are paper presentations and a panel discussion on real-time composition. Further info here.

SuperCollider Workshop in Bilbao [September 6-9th 2011]
ixi will run a workshop in synth building, generative musical composition, and instrument building with SuperCollider at the University of the Basque Country. The workshop will be given in both Spanish and English.

Bilbao gig [September 7th 2011]
Keith Rodgerson, Thor Magnusson @Warehouse, Carretera Larraskitu No 33 - 4rth floor. Starting at 8pm, dinner afterwards.

ICMC [July 31st - August 5th, 2011]
We will present two papers at the ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) that is to be held at Huddersfield University, UK. Thor will present a long paper called "Confessions of a Live Coder" and another that was submitted as a demo of ixi lang. There will also be a club night performance where live coding is on the agenda.

RMA Annual Conference [July 14th-16th 2011]
This year's RMA Annual Conference will take place at the University of Sussex. Thor Magnusson has been invited to participate in a round table discussion on "New Horizons in Composition and Sonic Media", with Ed Hughes, Jonathan Harvey, Nick Collins and Sally-Jane Norman.

Scambi Workshop [May 17th 2011]
In the 1950's Henry Pousseur created the piece Scambi. It was an "open work", something that would suit contemporary technology well, but was laborous to perform in those days. A research project called The Scambi Project has been conducted at the Sonic Arts research centre in Middlesex University, London. On this occation, Scanner, Aki Pasoulas, and Thor Magnusson will be performing the work, re-interpreting it for today's context. (Tuesday May 17th, from 11:00 in the Main Hall. Entrance free.)

Helsinki Performance [April 7th 2011]
A live coding gig where Thor Magnusson will use the ixi lang for live improvisation at the opening of the Tangible Auditory Interfaces Lab in Helsinki.

Live Coding Documentary [February 2011]
ixi lang is featured in a documentary on live coding made by Louis McCallum and Davy Smith.

One-day courses at Brighton Uni [February 5th and March 12th, 2011]
Thor Magnusson will give two one-day courses in creative music programming using open source software like SuperCollider, Pure Data, Impromptu and LuaAV at University of Brighton's short courses.

ixi lang at Reykjavik Media Lab [January 4rth, 2011]
Introduction to live coding and the live coding musical environment ixi lang at the Reykjavik Media Lab. An unofficial build of ixi lang can be downloaded here for this occasion.

ixi label releases [December 23rd, 2010]
ixi is pleased to announce the releases of works by Icelandic artist Sigurdur Gudjonsson and Basque musician Oier i.a.

Sigurdur's work, Recorder 2010 is part of a larger audiovisual piece, but presented in this special edition for the ixi label. The original work is a video installation recently exhibited at SouthbySouthWest gallery Reykjanesbae Iceland. (For further details visit www.sigurdurgudjonsson.net)

Oier uses sound textures obtained from natural sources for the creation of his works and live performances. He has composed music for dance, theatre, radio, video, installations and poetry recitals. In "Untitled" he continues the minimalistic path taken in some of his previous works and creates a long composition with a simple structure yet rich timbre.

Dowload links for both releases can be found on the ixi label page.

Live Coding Xmas Special [December 16th, 2010]
A gig at Goldsmiths College with the key nutters of the UK live coding scene. The flyer can be found here.

FuturePlaces Presentation and concert [October, 2010]
We present ixi software at Future Places Festival. which focuses on digital media art and music in Porto, Portugal. A concert with ixi lang is in place.

SCIMP released! [October, 2010]
SCIMP is a SuperCollider Server client for Impromptu. The idea is to enable control of the fantastic SC audio server from the interesting and expressive programming environment Impromptu.
> Download SCIMP

ixi lang v2 released! [September, 2010]
Version 2 of the ixi lang comes with various new features, such as control over accents, note length, scales, snapshots, etc. See tutorial videos here. A paper presented at the SuperCollider Symposium in Berlin 2010 on the ixi lang can be found here.

Deutsche Telecom Research Lab Colloquium [September 22nd, 2010]
Presentation of our research at the Deutsche Telecom Design Research Lab in Berlin.

SuperCollider Symposium [September 23-26, 2010]
The SuperCollider Symposium will take place in Berlin this year. As always, the programme is very interesting, with workshops, concerts and paper presentations. This year, we will present a paper on ixi lang and the user studies we conducted. (thanks to participants!). The paper will be available in the backyard soon.

ISEA [August 24th, 2010]
Live coding practice with ixi lang will be presented at the ISEA conference in Ruhr, Germany. ISEA stands for the International Symposium for Electronic Arts. This year looks really good with all kinds of presentations, installations and performances.

SuperCollider for Improvisation Workshop [August 13th-15th, 2010]
A three day workshop in SuperCollider is hosted by the very nice A10LAB in London during a long weekend in August. Further information here. All welcome!

SuperCollider Summer School [July 10th, 2010]
OpenLab are running sessions at the Morley Summer School in London on July 10th. Thor Magnusson will run this one day SuperCollider workshop, giving an entry-level course in synthesis and algorithmic composition. There will also be a short introduction to physical and virtual interface design.

SuperCollider Summer School [July 10th, 2010]
OpenLab are running sessions at the Morley Summer School in London on July 10th. Thor Magnusson will run this one day SuperCollider workshop, giving an entry-level course in synthesis and algorithmic composition. There will also be a short introduction to physical and virtual interface design.

NIME [June 15th, 2010]
A paper called "An Epistemic Dimension Space for Musical Devices" will be presented at the NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) 2010 conference in Sydney. Thor Magnusson will also give a performance with the ixi lang during the festival.

Re:New Concert [May 21st, 2010]
A performance using the ixi lang will be given at the Re:New Digital Arts Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark.

live coding workshop [May 13th, 2010]
A live coding workshop will be given at Brighton's hacklab BuildBrighton at the Skiff in the North Lanes. The workshop will primarily make use of the super-powerful SuperCollider, but examples will also be given in Impromptu and ixi lang. The workshop is free and open for all.

ixi music workshop in Roma [May 17th-21st, 2010]
A workshop on doing music using ixi apps will be held by the Spanish Cultural Center in Roma. There will be also a presentation and concert by Enrike from ixi.

Medialab Helsinki workshop [April 12th-17th, 2010]
The yearly workshop at UIAH medialab on creative technologies is aproaching again. We cannot wait to taste our favorite Nepalese restaurant in town!

Workshop at Universidade da Beira Interior, Cohvila. Portugal [March 22nd-26th, 2010]
Second part of the workshop at the Laboratorio de Instalacioes Multimedia Interactivas on building interactive installations with PD, GEM, arduino and OSC. We will also explore the basics of multitouch surfaces DIY technology with the students of the Mestrado em Design Multimedia.

noise = noise [December 5th, 2009]
The 15th event in the noise = noise series will take place in the legendary concert place the Foundry in Old Street. The Foundry is about to be bulldozed so this is about the last chance to enjoy the magic of this place. Foundry is here. Or perhaps here. The concert starts at "6 or 7 pm", but the pub is open from 4 pm, so come and enjoy the beer!

sc140 [2009]
The album "sc140" has been released! This album consists of musical compositions written in SuperCollider in under 140 characters. (the limit of characters for Twitter tweets). Check (and download) the album here.

Outside the Box [November 16th, 2009]
A paper called "On Epistemic Tools: Thinking Through Technology" will be presented at the Outside the Box conference at City University, London.

Workshop at Universidade da Beira Interior, Cohvila. Portugal [November 19th-23rd 2009]
Introductory workshop to technologies for building interactive installations ( PD, GEM, arduino ) with students of the Mestrado en Design Multimedia. We will work in the development of an interactive installation together with the local theatre company "A Quarta Parede" that will be exhibited in Cohvila during January.

Live Code in Komedia [October 30th, 2009]
Further explorations of the ixi lang (a new live coding language) will conducted in a live setting at the Robot Takeover club evening in Komedia, Brighton, UK, on Friday October 30th. With talks by robot ethicist Blay Whitby, Flash Brighton's Seb Lee-Delisle, and the Theremin specialist Emily Toop. After the talks there will be live coding performances with Yaxu of slub fame, Wrongheaded (Sick Lincoln and Matt Yee-King) and Thor Magnusson. This is a fund raising night for the Build Brigthon hackerspace. Starting at precisely at 7pm, and nearest tube station is London Bridge.

Shuntcode [October 1st, 2009]
The ixi lang (a new live coding language) will be tested live for the first time at the ShuntCode event organised by TOPLAP. Starting at precisely at 10pm, and nearest tube station is London Bridge.

ixi Label presentacion at Arteleku [August 19th, 2009]
ixi label presented in the net labels meetings at Arteleku, San Sebastian.

Epistemic Tools [July 1st, 2009]
A new article by Thor Magnusson called On Epistemic Tools: Musical Instruments as Cognitive Extensions (© 2009 Cambridge University Press) is published by Organised Sound vol. 14 (2). This issue of Organised Sound, edited by Garth Paine, focuses on interactivity in musical instruments.

Raflost Reykjavik [May 5th, 2009]
Workshops, lecture and a concert at the Raflost 2009 annual festival of electronic media in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Bazterrak at GOSUB10 net label release [March 6th, 2009]
Substrate is the inaugural release from the new netlabel GOSUB10. A 12-track compilation of music from across the electronic music genre, it features friends and family of the GOTO10 collective. It features music by Bazterrak member of ixi.
GOSUB10-001 release

FLOSS+Art Book [February 3rd, 2009]
OpenMute has just published a book on open source software development, open content and art. It is edited by the good people at goto10 and there is a text by Thor Magnusson from ixi in the book. Check it out here.

InSand Gig [February 2nd, 2009]
An improv performance with InSand at London's hottest new music and poetry club Boat Thing. The concert starts at 8pm in that boat thing in front of Temple Tube, between the Waterloo and Blackfriars bridges.