IXI NEWS + EVENTS : 2001-2004 :

Slicer Exhibited [December, 2004]
ixi was invited to participate in the yearly show of the Fine Arts college at the BBVA exhibition center in Bilbao (Plaza de San Nicolas, 4). Slicer is being exhibited there but we would as well play at the Fine Arts college the 15th of december. Enrike Hurtado Mendieta and Xabi Erkizia will perform using ixi software

File Festival [23rd of November to 29th of December, 2004]
ixi participates in the File festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

ixi workshop [November 27-29, 2004]
As part of the Ultrasound festival, we will be giving a workshop in open source music programming and visualisation. The workshop is hosted by The Digital Research Unit and the University of Huddersfield. Contact Clare (((AT))) the-media-centre.co.uk for bookings.

songvar solvindanna [November 12th, 2004]
The sound installation "songvar solvindanna" will be part of the Get-Real exhibition in Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland. A collaboration with Jacob Kirkegaard and Birta Thrastardottir. The installation presents VLF recordings of the northern lights in a real time environment which displays the electromagnetic state of the northern sky.

rand()%lab [November 1st, 2004]
A collaboration with Birta Thrastardottir resulted in a generative sound installation/animation which will be exhibited in the rand()%lab exhibition at The Media Centre in Huddersfield, UK, with some other highly interesting stuff: Joe Gilmore, Tom Betts, Alku and Rand%() radio. (where the Magnusson brothers present their "Same Same But Different" piece of generative music).

Collective improvisation [12th of October, 2004]
Collective improvisation set at 29-31 Cortes. Featuring ixi (Enrike), Adriana Sà (Portugal), TV Pow (USA-Chicago), Mattin, Xabi Erkizia, etc... After 8 pm at 29-31 Cortes Street, Bilbao.

Collaboration with Adriana Sá [10th of October, 2004]
ixi (Enrike) and Adriana Sà (Portugal) perform together in Arteleku (San Sebastian-Donostia). At 7 pm, organised by the Audiolab. This performance is part of an ongoing collaboration between ixi and the portuguese musician Adriana Sá.

Reykjavik Culture Night [21st of August, 2004]
A performance at the new NYLO (living art museum) in Reykjavik. At 21 o'clock. Let's test the acoustics!

Garage Festival [31st of July, 2004]
We will be showing our work at the Garage festival in Stralsund, Germany in this 2 week long festival. Perhaps some talking, some drinking, but definitively playing the "Vulcan" performance together with Jacob Kirkegaard as a final touch of our collaboration this summer.

Article at ZEHAR magazine [July, 2004]
An essay by Enrike from ixi has been published in the 53rd issue of the ZEHAR magazine. The article its titled "Software, Music, Culture" and it can be downloaded from the following links: basque | english | spanish

KHM Presentation Week [29th of July, 2004]
As part of a guest fellowship at the KHM we are performing Vulcan at their presentation week. KHM website

Placard Festival 2004 [17th of July, 2004]
The "Nada" collaboration with Jacob Kirkegaard has resulted in a performance called Vulcan. We will be performing it at the extremely nice Placard headphone festival in the State51 factory, close to Brick Lane in East London. Bring your headphones and plug yourself into a personal space where you can listen undisturbed for the whole day and night.

Sonar 2004 [17-20th June, 2004]
We will be presenting ixi software at the Sonarama part of the Sonar festval on the Thursday at Centre D'Art Sta. Monica at 1.00 pm. Ending this 3 day festival, we'll also perform at the L'Antic Theatre on the Sunday night (June 20th) as part of Un tarde de deleite poetico-audiovisual together with Jacob Kirkegaard and Xabi Erkizia.

New York Concert [3th and 6th June, 2004]
Jacob Kirkegaard (http://fonik.dk) will be performing live the natural pulsing disturbances of the Icelandic geysirs, recorded by Thor and Jacob last winter, using ixi-software. Performances in New York City on the following clubs: Phonomena nite on Tonic (June 3rd) and at Share (June 6th)

5th ERTZ Festival [4th and 5th June, 2004]
--> www.ertza.net
Keith Rowe (UK), Oren Ambarchi (Australia), Christian Fennesz (Austria), Toshimaru Nakamura (Japan), John Duncan (USA), Sygtriggur berg Sigmarsson (Iceland), Phill Niblock (USA), Stan Brakhage (USA), Atanas Kornelius (Basque Country), Raxinasky (Belgium)

generative art [13th of May, 2004]
ixi will give a presentation in Danmarks Design Skole in Copenhagen, about various works of generative art + the systems used to create them. The presentation starts at 15.00 in the festival hall.

Ram 5 workshops [5-8 May, 2004]
At [RAM5]: Open Source Media Architecture, we will be hosting a workshop about visual interfaces, open source music software, and the communication between the two in Ram 5 in Riga, Latvia. There will also be open discussions about open source environments and loads of other interesting workshops. See Ram 5 for further information.

ixi workshop [22-26 April, 2004]
ixi is currently doing an artist in residence at Buchsenhausen in Innsbruck, Austria. We are porting our software to OS X and writing new software. We will also host a one week workshop in interfacing sound with visual programming languages and environments. See buchsenhausen.at for further information and registration for the workshop.

ixi software exhibition [26-30 April, 2004]
The music department in York is inaugurating their new building with a Lounch Festival. ixi software will be exhibited as part of the festival, which includes some really interesting performances with people like:Yasunao Tone, Mark Fell, Richard Chartier, Tina Frank and Ramon Bauer.

Radar Festival [1-4 April, 2004]
Installation in Kopenhagenshop in Enghave Plads, Copenhagen. More info on the very nice kopenhagen.dk website. ixi will also play in collaboration with Jacob Kirkegaard at The Lab in their brilliant F.I.D.S.E. sound system. Stay tuned.

Sounds of the Machines [27th March, 2004]
Consert in the Neon Gallery in Brosarp, Sweden. A collaboration with Jacob Kirkegaard resulted in various field recordings in Iceland around Xmas. We will be exploring those recordings in the surround system of F.I.D.S.E which is set up in the Neon Gallery this weekend.

Online interview
An ixi member talking about ixi. It can be viewed at Arteleku TV. Sorry, only in spanish with strong northern accent ;)
movie1, movie2, movie3, movie4

ixi workshop [2-6th February, 2004]
ixi workshop in Rovaniemi, Finland. One week workshop at the University if Lapland. Introduction to ixi-software and prototyping environments such as Director, Processing, Pure Data and MAX/MSP.

Concert [23rd of January, 2004]
ixi performance at the Nordantlantisk Brygge (Bryggen) in Holmen, Copenhagen, together with Vindva Mei, Vacuum Brothers, Pixel, and Ozy. Starts at 21:00.

Lecture in Madrid [21st January, 2004]
ixi lecture at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. At 5 pm in Villaviciosa.

Workshop in Bera (Navarra) [17th January, 2004]
Introduction to ixi-software and visual programming environments such as Pure Data and MAX/MSP. From 11am to 7pm at Gure Txoko. Organised by the Ertz collective.

rand()% radio is up and running [11th December, 2003]
A collaboration with Runar Magnusson resulted in Same Same But Different, a generative music piece which is broadcasted few times daily on the rand()% radio on this website: r4nd.org. Have a listen and enjoy!

Workshop and lectures in London [1-5th December, 2003]
ixi lectures and workshops at Middlesex, Westminster and Goldsmiths universities.

"They're all from Iceland" concert, London [3rd December, 2003]
Featured Artistes include :
Stilluppsteypa // Vindva Mei // Thorunn & Darri // IXI and who knows what else.

7.00 - 11 admission FREE

The Foundry is at
86 Great Eastern Street
nearest tube - Old Street (exit 3)

flyer: http://www.foundry.tv/flyers/icelandic.jpg
mailto: icelandic [at] foundry [dot] tv
web: http://www.foundry.tv
tel: 020 7739 6900

Ultrasound Festival, Huddersfield [27th-29th November, 2003]
This year ixi will give a workshop on the week leading up to the very exciting Ultrasound festival in Huddersfield, UK. This time Ultrasound will have an Icelandic Partition with some of the most interesting electronic musicians of Iceland. Concurrent with Ultrasound is the famous Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, now in it's 26th year. Don't miss this opportunity in a beautiful town located between Manchester and Leeds!!!

Conference in Barcelona [6th November, 2003]
ixi applications and ixi ideas were shown in a lecture/conference given at the Pompeu Fabra university in Barcelona. (see picture)

Presentation in Barcelona [5th November, 2003]
ixi presentation at the Optiq Syndicate meeting in Barcelona. After 21:00 at Santa Agata 30. Nearest tube station: Fontana

Residence [September-October, 2003]
The grant from the spanish institution "Circulo de Bellas Artes" will allow Enrike from ixi to stay in the Audiolab of Arteleku, (San Sebastian) during the autumm developing ixi further.

ixi in Zurich [14th August, 2003]
ixi presentation to members of the Zurich art/music/design scene.

ixi in Placard, London [29th July, 2003]
The Placard festival will be held for the first time in London this summer. Placard is a global organisation of headphone people : ) who do headphone concerts. Other people performing include: Powerbooks for Peace, Slub, John Eacott, Sick Lincoln, Jem Finer and and and and and....

Improvising with colors, San Sebastian [23rd June, 2003]
Collective improvisation during the Plaza Festival in San Sebastian. The improvisation will be conducted by the sound artist Xabier Erkizia with the help of colors and drawings from an ixi application specially designed for this purpose. Participans: Margarida Garcia, Nishide Takehiro, Jean Louis Hargous, Jesus Aured, Chris Martineau and Xabier Erkizia.

Ertz Festival [6th to 7th of June, 2003]
4th international festival of new music. At the Kultur Etxea, Bera (Nafarroa)

"We present the 4th edition of Ertz music festival. Like in previous editions of the festival, our main aim has been to open up an space for experimental art and music. This year we will enjoy the following line up:
DJ AMSIA (Azkoitia) , BERNHARD GüNTER (Germany) , STARFUCKERS (Italy), RADIAN (Austria) , MARK WASTELL and GRAHAM HALLIWELL (England) , OIER ETXEBERRIA (Azpeitia) , NAD SPIRO (San Sebastian and Barcelona)"

How to get there?
By bus from San Sebastian (50 km)
Closest airports : Bilbao (ES), Biarritz (FR)
Find more info about Ertz Festival at http://www.ertza.net

ixi workshop in Arteleku, San Sebastian [26-30th May, 2003]
ixi software will introduce their work, methods and protocols in a workshop in an institute of contemporary arts, Arteleku, in the Basque Country. We will go into the use of ixi software, Pure Data, Max/MSP, Supercollider and protocols such as OSC. Basically based on creating interfaces to sound and the conceptual issues relating to that.

ReadMe Festival [30-31st May, 2003]
ixi software will be exhibited at the Read_Me 2.3, in the installation section. Now this brilliant festival will be held in Helsinki, and the installations are at the Media Centre Lume, Hämeentie 135 C.

Machinista 2003! [15th of April 2003]
ixi won an award in the "Machine as the artist co-author" section at the Machinista Festival. The subject of the festival is "the new interaction of machinic and human in art and culture. The focus is on a machine as a human artist's co-author, or as an independent author and a contender for its own spot under the sun of art."

Hello World Forum [8th-10th of March 2003]
ixi will be participating in the Hello Horld forum organised by Boredomresearch in Artsway, New Forest, Sway, U.K. We will give a talk about our software and the reason behind doing this work. There are some concerts and loads of other interesting things have a look at and listen to.

Piknik Frequency [18th of February 2003]
ixi presentation at Piknik Frequency, which is a new organisation in Helsinki concerned with new media art and music. Time and Place to be found on their website.

ixi workshop in Media Lab, Helsinki [17th-23rd of February 2003]
A week long workshop at the UIAH Helsinki Media Lab in Finland. This workshop aims at working with various software types and programming languages that use OSC (Open Sound Control) to communicate between interfaces and soundengines.

ixi xmas card [25th of December 2002]
Did you miss the snow over the holidays? Have a look at the ixi xmas card specially made for peaceloving people who oppose war. "To be honest I think that the clown and the boy scout will bring us to the end of the world. Goodbye!" - The Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki, on Bush and Blair, in an interview with the Guardian.

Workshop [3 December 2002]
ixi had a workshop at the Art Academy of Vienna, in the sound department run by Franz Pomassl.

Processor Art [1st of December 2002]
A thesis available on-line on the current status of generative and software art in today's art practise. You find the whole thesis as pdf files in our ixi backyard section.

AgentBeats [10 December 2002]
Our main man in Paris has been developing an interesting artificial life drummachine which can also be used as sequencer. Check it out here: Agentbeats.

Europrix Festival [1-3 December 2002]
ixi won a price for Top 6 Projects in the Top Talent Award at the Europrix 2002 festival in Vienna, Austria. Members of ixi played at the final evening together with musicians based in Vienna, The Beautiful Carrot (is) and The Hairy Meatball (is).

Ultrasound Festival [28-30 of November]
A season of workshops, live events, and presentations exploring the territory of experimental sound, digital music, and related software developments. Featuring Slub, V3ctor, Vendor Refill, Powerbooks for Peace, Golan Levin, Alexei Shulgin, Greyworld, Evol, Printed Circuit, Xabi Erkizia and ixi. Check out the Ultrasound website for further info.

Musica Ex Machina Festival [28 of November -28 of December]
ixi programs exhibited at MEM. Musica Ex Machina, MEM, is a new international festival of music, art, dance, cinema and other vanguardist expresions. Check out the Musica Ex Machina website for further info. (See MEM program).

Impact Festival [3rd of November]
Presentation + Panel Discussion. ixi software exhibition at the Dutch New Media festival Impact for the whole festival and a panel discussion on the 3rd of November, together with the musicians Greg Davies and Hrvatski and the software developers Janoschek & Schloemer. This is what the Impact people write about the event:

The current "revolution" in electronic music is often attributed to a small
handfull of user-friendly consumer music software packages. While these
applications can turn anyone's bedroom into a recording studio, they can also
carry a "signature sound" which makes them easily recognizable in the music
they make. In this couch club, we ask two creators of software, IXI software
and Janoschek & Schloemer, and two users of software, Greg Davies and Keith
Fullerton Whitman (aka Hrvatski), to discuss who REALLY makes the music--the
musician or the programmer?

Guests: Greg Davies & Hrvatski, Janoschek & Schloemer, ixi software
Couch.master: Derek Holzer

Concert + Presetation [17th of October]
Media Lounge Night. Discussion panel, concert and dj/vj sets featuring: ixi-software, tom betts and v3ctor dj's. Check out these links: qqq (tom bett's work at evolution 2002 in Leeds), and V3ctor (the nice, mad maniacs from Leeds). Time and location: 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm @ Howards Bar, The Media Centre, Huddersfield, U.K.

Residency [Oct - Dec]
Huddersfield rocks! Members of the ixi team are currently doing a 3 months residency at the New Media Centre in Huddersfield, England. We are developing new ixi applications that will be downloadable for free from our website. Some new things include MIDI and OSC (Open Sound Control) communication to soundengines written in Supercollider, Max/MSP, Pure Data or Reaktor. We are also developing systems for multiplayer performance. Apart from brilliant working environment, provided by DRU, we will collaborate with people from the Architecture Department of the University of Huddersfield and other local geniuses. Some relevant links:
Ultrasound Festival (Check this out!)
Digital Research Unit (DRU) (Our studio and organisation - website under construction

Event [27th to 29th of September]
ixi at the Radar festival of electronic music in Copenhagen: ixi presentation and exhibition.
Time and place:
Friday 27th: Malmo Hogskola, Malmo. Software presentation. (11-17)
Saturday 28th: Ideal Bar @ Vega, Copenhagen. Software exhibition (11-17)
Sunday 29th: Vega Lounge @ Vega, Copenhagen. ixi presentation + discussion and presentation of work in progress. (13-14)

Event [21st of September]
24 hours of non-stop live music organised by Ertz in Bera (Navarra, Basque Country). 30 min from Biarritz airport. Starting time 12:00 midday on Saturday the 21st.

Award [12th of September]
ixi amongst the top 15 projects of the EUROPRIX 2002 Student Contest. 110 submissions were entered from 21 countries for the Top Talent Festival which will be showcased throughout Europe and exhibited in a festival in Vienna in early December. A catalogue and CD-Rom will be published with all the projects participating in the festival.

Award [6th of September]
ixi wins the 2nd price of the John Lansdown International Prize in the Eurographics Conference. Submissions were received from Australia, Japan and the USA as well as Europe.
The judges' report describes ixi as "...six major methods of moving and arranging objects on the screen in order to create sound sequences, in effect producing a number of virtual sonic instruments. This is a highly experimental piece, users become absorbed by the variety of easily learned methods for creating sound."

Event [22nd of August to 4th of September]
New Music Festival in San Sebastian
-22nd of August at the Udaberri: ixi presentation and concert in collaboration with the musician Xabi Erkizia. The programs will be exhibited there until the 4th of September. --> image1 , image2 , image3
-A sound installation by Xabi Erkizia with the collaboration of ixi is shown in the main hall of the Koldo Mitxelena Culture House during 2 weeks.

ixi tour [May-June] concerts and presentations:
- 13th to 15th of June. "Play music" section of Sonar Festival (Barcelona). ixi concert on the 12th at the Wrong Festival in the City Hall venue featuring vindva mei (is/dk), jacob kierkegaard (dk), mattin (uk), yaxu (slub) (uk), and others to be confirmed.

- 7th to 8th of June. Ertz Electronic Music Festival (Bera, Basque Country)

- 4th to 7th of June. ICA, London. Cybersonica Digital Music Festival.We are participating in the symposium on the 6th of June, but exhibiting in the New Media Centre during the whole festival.

- 3rd of June.Monday.ixi day at the Public Life, Shoreditch, London. Presentation and concerts featuring Mattin, Rohan Thomas, Oren Ambarchi, Jey Malaiperuman, slub, and others to be confirmed. We start at 3:00pm and will do presentations, jamming and concerts until 8:30pm. It is a bank holiday, so come early, bring your laptops as we will give out the software and maybe set up a small workshop for those that want. Streetmap of public life. (In front of Old Spitafields Market).

- 24th to 26th of May. "New Interfaces for Musical Expression" conference at the MIT-MediaLab Europe in Dublin.

Event [25th of May] -DELAYED-
This concert has been delayed. Komponent, Vesterbrogade 107b, Copenhagen. ixi night featuring Vindua Mei (Runar) and others to be confirmed.

Review [16th of May]
at Sharpeworld the America's N1 Site :
"ixi's collection of experimental, interactive free audio software makes me feel like i'm running around in a sonic playground built by m.i.t. geniuses. their programs, which let you play with sounds by manipulating visual patterns, are beautifully simple and, at sizes as small as 32k, make for painless dowloading".

Events [8th of May]
Presentation of ixi at Dorkbot -London. 7pm. Boxing Club, Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road E14 7HA.

Events [29th of April]
Presentation of "Mendietan" by Mattin(w.m.o/r) and Rosy Parlane (Sigma Records). Live Monday 29th April at Public Life 82a Commercial Street London E1 6LY. From 8:30 pm. Free

New Releases [24th of March]
New version of Lauki now available with improved functionality and interface.
New versions of the launchers for PC and Mac. Some important bugs had been corrected on them. Download them now!.
We are now working on an experiment with generative music using MIDI. Subscribe to ixi news to receive info about new ixi versions!

Event [March]
ixi is link of the month at Samplepoolz, where ixi is described as "Experimental sound applications for sound terrorists and sound researchers" :)

News [14th of March]
ixi in BlueLife Audio , DatabaseAudio and Sound Toys.

News [20th of February]
A Sound Toy based on sketches for a new ixi instrument exhibited at the BBC online Art gallery.

Tour [20th of February - March]
Rosy Parlane, Mattin, Rohan Thomas and Eddie Prevost will be on tour around Germany and Netherlands. Some of them use ixi software on their live improvisations. See details .

Event [4th to 8th of February]
ixi goes to the International MILIA awards in Cannes.

Event [20th of January]
audit sunday 8 pm. Experimental music live :
Eddie Prevost/Mattin/Rosy Parlane + Ivan Seal + Jem Finer
At the Clinic, 13 gerrard st. China town london w1 - £5 (+ free cd)
mattin (w.m.o/r) www.mattin.org

News [13th of January]
Article about ixi in Bitnicks online magazine (only in spanish)

Award! [23rd of December]
wins the International MILIA awards in Cannes.
Come and visit us at the show between 5-8th of February.

Software from ixi selected for the Read_Me festival of artistic software in Russia. It is now being rated online by users (Vote for us!!) and it will be exhibited at the Macros media-art center (Moscow) in February.

Event [3rd of December] ixi Concert
At The Public Life in Shoredich, London. Including: Mattin, Rohan, Jey Malaiperuman, Anselm (from ReSponge) and Ramjac. The musicians played using ixi software.
Image gallery : image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 --> (Photo by Philipp Schroder)

Event [22th of November]
Mattin and Joel Stern performed improvising with ixi software as part of the installation "Once upon a day at night" by the artist Birgit Medele at the 291 Gallery, Hackney, London

News [7th - 11th November]
The ixi project is exhibited at the Video Lisboa festival in Lisbon between 7th and 11th November. The exhibition stood until November 25th. Further information: Video Lisboa under the category: Romarias.

Event [10th of November]
The electronica band Vindva Mei performed with ixi software at a concert in The Lab, Vesterbrogade 112, Copenhagen V.

News [September]
The project is exhibited in Philippines in this year's Digital Media Festival with enjoyable results and feedback.

Event [30st of August - 3rd of September]
The ixi project prototypes were exhibited at the Digitarts show at The Bridge, Brick Lane, London. More info at www.digitarts.co.uk